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Document Notarization

Generally, most clients have the necessary documents that need to be notarized. If you do not have the necessary documents, we can prepare certain documents at the client's direction. 

If you will be providing your own documents, the documents cannot have missing pages or be incomplete.  The signatures have to be done in our presence.

We are not attorneys and therefore cannot give legal advice about immigration or any other legal matters. (No somos abogados, no podemos dar consejos legal sobre inmagracion o cualquier otros asuntos legales). 

Anyone signing the documents must be of sound mind and must be able to communicate with our notaries. 

The signer must present a non-expired government issued photo identification card.  Not all government issued identification cards are acceptable such as Mexico Consular Card or Military CAC cards since they do not contain all the required information to verify identity.  The documents have to be fully completed except the signatures. 

If the signer is unable to sign their name, please let us know because additional steps will be required. 

If you are needing a Spanish speaker, please let us know prior to reserving your appointment.  

Reserve Appointment: 

  • If we are meeting at Starbucks there is a $15 deposit, the deposit will go towards your final payment.
  • To reserve your appointment, we require the travel fee upfront. 
  • The travel fee is not refundable if you cancel the appointment or if we arrive to the appointment and the notarization cannot be completed for any reason. 

Payment Methods: 

  • Cash, Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, CashApp, debit or credit.
  • If you pay cash, we do not carry change. 

Service Areas:

  • Kings County
  • Tulare County 
  • Fresno County

**We do not service Coalinga State Hospital**

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