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What is a Legal Document Assistant?

A Legal Document Assistant (LDA) is an experienced professional who is authorized under California law to assist the public in preparing legal documents for consumers, but only at the direction of the client.

An LDA is not an attorney, and cannot provide legal advice, or represent individuals in court.


The LDA statute requires LDA’s to maintain a bond, and to be registered, in order to offer document preparation services to the public.

 The registration is valid for two years, at which time it must be renewed. 

CALDA Certification Badge_ProfStandardsLDA.png

Steps for Document Preparation

  1. Client must tell us what documents they are needing. 
  2. After we collect your name, phone number and email, we will email a contract. By law an LDA is required to have a signed contract prior to any document preparation.  
  3. A fillable questionnaire will be emailed to collect all of the necessary information to prepare the document. 
  4. The payment will be required to be paid in full before any work is performed. 
  5. After the document is prepared, we will meet with you to provide you with the documents and to perform any necessary notarizations. 

Please Submit Your Document Request Here

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